FANTOM Kamaro white ebike has been manufactured in Europe with the highest specs, to give you the ultimate universal-mountain bike. Whether it’s exploring the area with your loved ones, solo ride on the off-road terrain or a daily commute to work, this ebike puts the fun in FANTOM and ticks all the boxes. Fall in love with the great outdoors again, in style.

Quick preview:

Here’s what our family had to say after test riding them for a year:

 Adam, Creative Director:

I was amazed by the style. People kept on stopping me in the streets and asking where I got my bike from. The speed this thing produces is great! I felt 5 years old again!🚲

 Zuzanna, Technical Director

Quality craftsmanship is what team of bike engineers from Fantom Ebikes pride themselves on. That’s why you will only find the best components in our Fantom ebikes. I was especially impressed by the hydraulic brakes with quick reaction time, that safely bring you and your bike to a stop. This ebike not only looks the part but does the part!🛠

 Jan, Company Director

I always loved riding a bike and as a teenager, together with Zuzanna, we had been involved in a Bike Friendly Youngsters project, promoting sustainable transport, a matter close to my heart. So it feels really great to be able to offer this exciting product and help people make greener choices every day!🌎


Included for free with every purchase!

  • 1-year battery and motor guarantee
  • 2-year mechanical parts guarantee
  • Front and back mudguards
  • Waterproof Smartphone Case / Bag (suitable for various models and up to 6.5′ screen size, includes a small compartment for keys/wallet).
  • Wheel style choice (stainless steel or magnesium)

Cycle to work scheme:

Cyclescheme is an initiative that allows you to spread the cost of your new ebike and accessories, directly from your salary, usually over a 12-month period. And, if that wasn’t enough, you also save 25-39% of the cost of a new bike & accessories whilst also spreading the cost. It’s completely free to join and easy to administer online here

Cyclescheme Calculator 

Cycle to work scheme FAQs 


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  • maximum load: 120 kg
  • removable battery: YES
  • charging time: 4 – 6 hours
  • frame: lightweight aluminium
  • SMART light system with sound signal
  • SMART FANTOM System: 4.10’’ LCD Screen with 20 programs

FANTOM Kamaro white ebike — Full technical specifications:

Fantom Kamaro S29 tech specs

Fantom Kamaro M29 tech specs

*Disclaimer: Cruise mode is available only with throttle mode on. Please note the throttle mode is disabled by default in the UK sold models. Enabling throttle in FANTOM ebike will according to UK Law clasify the bike as a motorcycle and is subject to insurance and registration procedures***



  • PEDAL ASSISTANT SYSTEM (PAS) function. Based on a motion sensor located in the crank, the assist turns on when pedalling and can accelerate the bike up to 15.5 mph without effort. The new generation controller provides smooth acceleration without any jerks. PAS can be managed by using the LCD display, which allows you to select 5 driving modes (25-100% of motor power).
  • CRUISER function that allows you to set a constant speed when cycling. Thanks to this, the electric bike will move at a constant speed set by the user.
  • WALK function that allows you to turn on the motor at a relatively low, constant speed so that the user can lead the bike next to them without having to push the whole weight of the bike (especially helpful when walking the bike uphill). At this mode, the bike moves independently up to 3.7 mph.
  • 4.10” LCD SCREEN our display system is equipped with 20 different programs to customize your riding experience and ensure your safety. Speed, battery levels, driving modes, ODO are clearly indicated and easily accessible. From the LCD screen, you can choose the above-mentioned modes of riding (PAS, Cruiser, Walk).


FANTOM Kamaro white ebike is not only equipped with normal front and backlights but also Left/Right Signals, Hazard Warning Lights, Stop Lights (left and right brake) and Sound Signal (horn). All functions are accessible by simply clicking on the switch.


At the heart of FANTOM Kamaro white ebike is the Li-Ion Battery with a fully Integrated Smart Controller. We designed and built our batteries using the most energy-dense and reliable lithium-ion cells on the market. That is why Fantom ebikes have strong climbing and acceleration capabilities. 

  • The batteries are made on BAK cells with 10.4 Ah capacity and their maximum range is from 30 to even 85 miles! (Depending on the battery, riding style, terrain, etc.)
  • The batteries have a BMS (Battery Management System). The BMS system is used so that the cells can function as long as possible. They are also reliable, stable, and are characterised by high efficiency and a high level of safety.
  • The battery is adapted for mounting on the bicycle frame, which has a mounting plate permanently attached to it. The battery can be easily and quickly removed using a key and taken with you to recharge or protect against theft.


FANTOM Kamaro white ebike is equipped with hydraulic brakes. They are more effective when it comes to braking power, as they have callipers with dual pistons. Hydraulic brakes are characterised by high braking force, easy force dosing and resistance to weather conditions. The brake handles have sensors that provide relevant information to the engine controller that cuts off the power to the motor when the brake is applied. Mineral oils are used in hydraulic bicycle brakes.


  • 26’’/29” magnesium alloy wheels that are very light, stylish (have a futuristic design) and have high resistance to shocks which leads to a smoother ride. They are made of one cast.
  • 27’’/29’’ stainless-steel spokes 13G with reinforced rims. Very stylish with silver plates on the rim.


Lightweight and durable aluminium frame made of aluminium super lite Al-6061 alloy. Thanks to the heat treatment, it is characterised by high rigidity and overload resistance, while being extremely light.


Royal Shift fork equipped with a hydraulic shock absorber with remote lockout and 30-32mm stanchion steel CP/ED and 100-110mm travel, which ensures precision in driving and reduces the feeling of a bumpy road.


Every FANTOM Kamaro white ebike meets all the requirements according to European Union regulations & standard EN15194/EPAC and holds the CE certificate.


Delivery info:

  • Please note we reserve up to 2 weeks for delivery on all our Fantom ebikes. (UK & EU only)
  • For customers from outside of the UK and EU, please contact us for more details.
  • Each ebike is flat packed using the Semi Knock Down system. This means that some parts need to be assembled. These include the handlebar, front wheel, pedals and seat. We provide all the necessary tools and clear instructions.
  • Inside the carton, we will arrange the essential inner protection pads to ensure the bike is kept safely in a perfect position.
  • Packaging size: 60’’ x 30’’ x 10’’ (150cm x 75cm x 25cm).
  • See the full unboxing and assembly video here: [link to video]

Warranty info:

All FANTOM ebikes are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Their warranty cover is mechanical parts for 2 years and battery & motor for 1 year. The warranty does not apply in any case to damage or defects derived from negligent use of the bicycle and general wear and tear.

Warranty Protocol for FANTOM ebike products sold at 4familyes™ store

How to make a claim:

To make a claim please contact us at and provide us with your order number and a description of the issue.

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