hyggecolour SNUGGLYY Grey-teful Blanket for Babies from the structural line SNUGGLYY from hyggecolour but in a classic color — medium grey, which will match with every interior of a baby’s room or nursery, but will also perfectly complement every element of a baby’s layette. The blanket’s structure is made of alternating convex and concave diamonds — this blanket is an interesting alternative to the classic knitted blankets for babies. The product is made with high-quality cotton-bamboo yarn, the properties of which will ensure the following functional qualities:

  • natural origin — this bamboo and cotton organic fibre is the best raw material for knitwear. The natural plant fibre combination provides a number of beneficial properties from this unique product, providing exceptional comfort for baby and all
  • thermal comfort — with excellent thermoregulatory properties — thanks to the unique structure of the bamboo yarn, formed by naturally expanding and narrowing micropores, the blanket provides exceptional insulation. Balanced thermal comfort when it is cool and at higher temperatures, it cools and becomes airy. Regardless of the conditions, bamboo & cotton fiber has adaptive breathable properties — very beneficial to the skin of a baby
  • smooth finish — the naturally rounded structure of bamboo makes the blanket behave like silk. It’s shiny and smooth structure removes many of the causes of irritation to baby’s sensitive skin
  • strength — a blanket made of a combination of cotton and bamboo yarn is extremely delicate and soft and at the same time very resistant to stretching. Properly selected weave density and weight ensure the possibility of repeated washing without reducing the high quality of use. The naturally flexible bamboo fibre produces a blanket that is soft to lay on and wraps extremely well
  • flexibility — our blanket is made from a naturally flexible bamboo fibre which makes it wrap and fit exceptionally well around baby’ body
  • anti-static — thanks to the special finishing of the blanket in WeaveLift  technology. Electrostatic build up in fibres is common, thanks to our special blend the blanket reduces discomfort, ensures safety and does not attract dirt. Bamboo fibre has a high level of evaporation, this makes the blanket even less susceptible to getting dirty, making it hygienic for longer
  • light — bamboo fibre is a lightweight material, which makes the blanket light, which increases the comfort of its use and makes it convenient and easy to pack. It comes in its own cotton bag attached to the blanket making it ideal for travelling and the changes the day brings
  • finish — the high level of workmanship our craftspeople provide is visible and felt in the delicate finish. Thanks to the combination of cotton and bamboo fibres, the right density of yarn weave and the use of our refinement technology WeaveLift  the blanket is extremely soft to touch and will be a friend to comfort a baby demands

After fully knitting hyggecolour SNUGGLYY baby blankets, they undergo a refining process. Thanks to the use of WeaveLift™  advanced technology, our blankets go through a specialist cleaning process that guarantees complete removal of production residues. The yarn also gets scarified, thanks to which the hyggecolour blanket from the SNUGGLYY collection has the following properties:

  • fully hygienically clean
  • fully antiallergic
  • anti-static
  • extremely soft and fluffy
  • velvety to the touch
  • keeps its size and shape thanks to the stabilization of the yarn (…if you follow the washing and care instructions given)
  • COMPOSITION OF BLANKET KNITTED: 50% cotton, 50% bamboo viscose
  • BLANKET DIMENSIONS: 80 cm x 100 cm (+/- 5%)
  • BLANKET WEIGHT: 500 gram (+/- 5%)
  • COLOUR: medium grey
  • METHOD OF PRODUCTION: knitted blanket
  • PATTERN: diamonds
  • BLANKET FINISH: double-sided frame
  • APPLICATION: medium-thick blanket — all year round
  • PURPOSE: cot, cradle, pram, Moses basket, baby car seat
  • QUALITY: yarn with OEKO-TEX® 100 certification product class
  • BLANKET’S PRO’S: specialist softened and washed
  • BLANKET PACKAGE: functional bag with suspenders — composition: 100% cotton
  • OUTER CARTON: cardboard made of 100% eco-friendly cardboard

Manufactured entirely with the greatest care in Poland (EU).

ATTENTION: The use of the blanket by children should be under the constant supervision of adults.

IMPORTANT: Shades of colours in individual articles may differ from those shown in the pictures depending on the settings of the computer screen, tablet or smartphone.


We recommend washing our hyggecolour SNUGGLYY baby blankets according to the instructions on the cover — which you will find on the functional bag with suspenders that we provided:

You should wash hyggecolour SNUGGLYY baby blankets in the washing machine using DELICATES / PROTECTIVE programme while making sure to follow these instructions:

  • it is recommended to choose a program for washing wool or delicate knitted fabrics / silk — it is very important to adapt the above-mentioned programs, i.e. do not exceed a temperature of 30 degrees ° C (!),
  • it is very important not to overload the washing machine — the maximum washing load in a standard washing machine with a nominal load of 4-5 kg ​​is 1 kg of washing — which translates into washing a maximum of two blankets in one load,
  • it is also important to wash the blankets in dark or saturated colors separately — do not combine them with light or white colors,
  • it is recommended to used to wash delicate detergents — preferably liquids for washing, which the recipe includes natural soaps or products designed for washing delicate / colorful knitted fabrics or silk,
  • it’s best to use a mild detergent — hypoallergenic — so that the washing process will be gentle on blankets and therefore on delicate skin baby,
  • remember to DO NOT use aggressive detergents, bleaches, chlorine or optical brighteners,
  • after the washing process — remove the blanket from the washing machine, shake it off, gently shape and dry flat,
  • DO NOT dry the blanket in direct sunlight,
  • DO NOT iron the blanket,
  • DO NOT dry the blanket in the dryer,
  • DO NOT dry clean the blanket.

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